College Automation Software

The processes of in a college such as Student Admission, Alumni, Digital Document Procurement, ICT Based Teaching Learning Process, Grievance, Library, Stock Management all are massive work for organization management team. We as techno partner introducing a digital solution for these all task an academic/institution College Automation System to do paperless work culture.

Implementation of College Automation system is a transformation into digitization of work process of a college, it will help colleges in ways like saving the time in every process, improved communication between student and faculty, engaging students through digital culture, saving teacher’s time, best way of storage and accessing of data, analysis of the academic and administrative data etc.

Most common module of College Automation System.

Student Module –

this module contain the all process which is related to student like, inquiry, information of course, online application of entrance test, downloading admit card, score card, searching for merit list, apply for admission, getting a login for all process after admission, getting certificate and mark sheets,

Admin Office

College Automation Software

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