How to improve NAAC score?

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council is a government organization in India that assesses and accredits Higher Education Institutions. They provides score number as per institution facility, quality and management that is very important for a institution.

As per UGC announcement NAAC accreditation is required for every institution which is granted by UGC by 2025.

There is measure challenge for institution management team to get good score from NAAC, lets see the all details about scoring NAAC.

  1. What is NAAC score system?
  2. why NAAC is required?
  3. How to calculate NAAC Score?
  4. Most common things that get more score in NAAC
  5. Common mistake that effect NAAC Score.

eMaster Web Opac Library Software for Automation

Hi there,
I am glad to introduce eMaster is web based cloud software used for library management system, eMaster Library Automation software have different version with different features, first of all let us check out its features.

1. Modules of eMaster Library software

  • student Management
  • Book Management
  • Book Shelf Management
  • Patron Management
  • Guest Member
  • Catalog Management
  • Fine and fee Management
  • Book Rotation Management
  • Online Catalog Display (front end Unit)

2. Advance Features of eMaster Library Automation software as per NAAC Guideline

  • Student Login
  • Teacher Login
  • Multi User Software Module
  • Multi Location
  • Role Management Module

Different version of eMaster Library Software

Library automation for NAAC

Digital Library / eLibrary /

Advance RFID Based 3M Library Automation Software and Service

eMaster Library Android App for Student

eMaster Library Android App for Teacher

online Catalog front end Module for Student

eBook Library (Advance)

Library software Provider

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We have provided Library software in Murliganj, Madhepura, Bihar

We have provided LIbrary software in Patna Bihar

We have provided library automation software in Aurangabad, Bihar

We have provided library automation software in Chirmiri, Korieo, Chhattisgarh

We have provided library automation software in Siwan , Bihar

We have provided RFID library automation software in Netrahat, Jharkhand

We have provided Library automation software in Sitamarhi, Bihar

We have provided Library automation software in Chapra, Bihar

We have provided library automation software in Private and Govt. college of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

Starter Website Development for Small Business

Getting a website for your business is very simple and you can buy it in just a few click, deciding domain name, make payment present your product and services then start selling.

We try to serve you as faster as possible.

Features of Starter Website package

  1. 1 .com/.in Domain
  2. 1 Business Email
  3. 1 Yr Hosting
  4. 5 Page Website
  5. Photo and Video Gallery
  6. Renewal @ 1999
  7. 7/24 Support
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