Smart Class Solution

What is Smart Class?
smart class is a digitally equipped classroom with a huge variety of teaching and learning methods using technology. Specialized software is designed and optimized to the needs of a specific class, unlike universal solutions. The digital infrastructure enhances the teacher to student and peer to peer communication because data streams are separated and structured. Smart Classes can also educate the students about the potentials of using it. As a result, they will resort to more innovative ideas after school.

Types of Smart Class Solutions?

Offline Smart Class.

Online/Cloud/Virtual smart Class.

What is importance of smart class/Why Smart Class?

Who need smart Class?

How to choose a smart class setup.

Dealers of smart class near you

We Deals in Smart Class.

Why choose GANAK Technology Smart Class for your better Solution.

How to improve NAAC score?

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council is a government organization in India that assesses and accredits Higher Education Institutions. They provides score number as per institution facility, quality and management that is very important for a institution.

As per UGC announcement NAAC accreditation is required for every institution which is granted by UGC by 2025.

There is measure challenge for institution management team to get good score from NAAC, lets see the all details about scoring NAAC.

  1. What is NAAC score system?
  2. why NAAC is required?
  3. How to calculate NAAC Score?
  4. Most common things that get more score in NAAC
  5. Common mistake that effect NAAC Score.

Starter Website Development for Small Business

Getting a website for your business is very simple and you can buy it in just a few click, deciding domain name, make payment present your product and services then start selling.

We try to serve you as faster as possible.

Features of Starter Website package

  1. 1 .com/.in Domain
  2. 1 Business Email
  3. 1 Yr Hosting
  4. 5 Page Website
  5. Photo and Video Gallery
  6. Renewal @ 1999
  7. 7/24 Support
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